Here are most of the Frequently asked questions about EZURLs, if any of these don't help you please don't hesitate to Contact us.  



The Payout Rates depends upon the Country of the Visitor, let's say you got 2000 views from United States to your Link you'll make around $30. For other countries, check our Payout Rates page.
Visitors must be unique within 24 hours.
Visitors must have JavaScript enabled.
Visitors must have Cookies enabled.
Bot/Fake Traffic will not count as we have a Secure eCaptcha System also, we can Ban you for using Bot Traffic.
Please wait at least 10 minutes after Shortening before sharing you Links.
Make sure you haven't selected "NoAdvert" in the Advanced Options while Shortening Links (It is disabled by default)
For every user that you refer to EZURLs, you will receive 10% of their total income for lifetime. Your referral will still earn the original 100% so he/she is not affected.

In your dashboard, you may find your referral link and ready-made referral banners to place them on your website/blog or share them through any social media.


We Pay our users through UPI, Paytm, PayPal and even bank account as long as you meet our Payment Threshold. The minimum payment threshold info is inside your Dashboard in the Profile Section.
Once you have requested your payment from the Withdrawl Section, we take no long than 7 days to process your Payments. It could take longer for Bank Transfer.


You can view your link once or twice but it will not count in the Stats. Also, don't try using VPN to view your links yourself as we don't allow that.